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Milky Babes - MilkyBabes.com Milky Babes review
No refrigerator is safe from the broads of Milky Babes. They’re always on the look-out for new, yummy treats to roll around in. That’s right — they don’t eat their cream and pie, they get it all over their mouthwatering bodies! No one ever told the naughty sweeties of Milky Babes that they shouldn’t play with their yummy food! That means that when these hoes get their hands on a creamy pie or tasty ice cream, the first thing they do is smear the stuff all over their incredible bodies! One look at these fine foxes, and your tongue is going to be hanging out of your mouth with the desire to lick every inch of their sweet, delicious skin! Don’t let their tits and twats get cold from all that sugar and spice; help them out!

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