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She Sado Me She Sado Me review.
It’s the weirdest place on the earth, so enter at your own risk, ’cause these gorgeous beauties are simply hellbent on tormenting and humiliating every male creature they can put their hands on. If you like it a bit on the wild side, then it the very site you need. It covers almost all BDSM fetishes and pain inflicting games spicing them up with crossdressing and gender role play. You will find neither soft vanilla nor your usual SM footage here. This blend is totally original, thrilling and heady, catering to your kinkiest likings..

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  • Domination-submission play
    Kadeem loves to be overpowered by a girl and Michelle agrees to help him with his unusual fantasies. At first she seems to be hesitant and taken aback by the scary BDSM gear, but then she begins to enjoy her part. She gets more and more involved flogging her naked sub, pinching his cock and shoving a strap-on into his mouth and rear end. Watch her jerk-hammering his worked asshole in the most twisted anal position and getting her kicks.
  • Cruel femdom punishment
    Gloria came home to find her boyfriend blind drunk and sleeping on the bed in a female outfit. Everywhere she could see the left-overs of a wild orgy, so upset and angry she decided to punish her filthy lover. She cuffed his legs and hands and tied him to the bed before reaming his lubed bunghole and making him scream. Then she plugged his rear, blindfolded and whipped him before making her slave-guy gag and jump on her sizable strap-on.
  • Strong bond between a mistress and her doggy
    Emily loves her ‘doggie’ and he loves his mistress in return. Felix leaves his kennel as soon as she comes home and helps her take off her coat and boots before carrying her into the room. Then he helps her into her high heels and she gets turned on from trampling her obedient sub. Emily puts on her strap-on and lets her trained doggie suck on it for a while. She pins his nipples and pours melted wax onto his front before penetrating his behind.
  • Wicked femdom fun time
    This freaky mistress uses her sub like a coffee table or like her foot rest before she decides that his back needs some hot waxing. Michelle teases Tom with a black sleek strap-on dildo tugging on his leash whenever he tries to reach for it. Then he licks his domina’s feet as a good slave before offering his butt for kinky foot fisting and strap-on drilling. Watch Michelle making him keep a good pace with her pain dishing flogger.
  • Foot fisting for an eager slave
    Being a good sex slave Colin is eager to please his mistress Busy. He massages and fondles her shoulders and proceeds to foot worshipping properly licking her toes and soles until he’s ready for foot fisting for Busy’s kinky delight. Then she puts to use several burning candles and a flogger inflicting more pain and bringing more thrills into anal penetration. See her ripping the guy’s butt hole with her foot and strap-on cock.
  • Femdom surprise for a sissy guy
    Dressed up and made up as a girl, Kadeem was waiting for a surprise; however, it wasn’t quite what he expected. Beau appeared before him wearing a huge strap-on and holding a full set of SM gear. She gagged him and put to use her pain and fear inflicting flogger treating the guy like a slut. Scared out of his wits, he obediently took up a big anal hook, sucked a rubber cock and did rimjob. He got his throat and bum checked too, and it was wild!
  • Xmas doggie training
    Christine is going thru Xmas presents with her eager doggie-slave Richmond who does everything on her command. She’s prepared various dildo toys for his mouth and butt along with clamps for his nipples and balls. See her training him like a dog and putting to use her numerous BDSM tools preparing Richmond for the main strap-on action. At first she checks his sucking ability and then starts screwing his loosened bunghole in every which way.
  • Obedient puppy serves his mistress
    On coming home Patrick strips naked and assumes a role of a nice puppy licking clean his dog bowl and curling up on a mat. When his mistress Chris returns, she takes her crop and wakes her ‘doggie’ with a slap across his ass. Watch him getting subjected to some painful cock and ball torture, of which this domina is a pro, before humiliating cock-sucking worsened with hot waxing. In the end she almost tears apart his bunghole with a big strap-on.
  • Practical femdom psychoanalysis
    When a cross-dressed guy comes to visit a psychoanalyst telling her about his strange sexual fantasies, she understands at once what kind of treatment he will need. Mary prepares her femdom tools while Sydney keeps telling her about his dreams, and soon he sees them coming to life. She handcuffs her patient and uses a crop to make him suck her strapon and take it up the ass making sure she has realized all his fantasies about female domination.

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