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Straight guys in denial – confronted with real evidence – shocking gay sex videos. SECRET ONLINE LIVES OUTED – ARE THEY ASHAMED TO BE GAY? It’s so awesome to see a lady standing up for her man, even if her man is a documented lying piece of crap. I wonder if she’ll be smacking us when she sees all those great pictures and videos on the internet. Tucker, when she sees you with a dick up your ass, turn around and run. Because if she turns on you, you are so fucked. You do not want this harpy tearing you a new one. OK, maybe you do. Oh fuck I wanted to crack up when that looser backed out screaming “fuck you fuck you” like a little bitch. no fuck you, princess. You think you can get right in my face, wave your arms and scare me? I think that’s the same face you make when you feel a big fucking dick wrecking up your ass. We’ve got all the priceless Facebook pictures you never wanted your family and friends to see. You just made your wife’s lawyer’s job way to easy!

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