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  • Reserved 100 Spanks
    In conformity with her mother’s promise, Shizuku was up early in the moning to folded up the bedding and changed into her school uniform. She kneeled on her knees on the tatami mat (straw mat) to wait for her reserved punishment without defiance. She couldn’t help thinking of coming 100 strokes of spanking and squirmed with discomfort. She finally heard her mother walk upstairs before long. Shizuku was really ashamed and regretted of her bedwetting and was prepared herself for the spanking. She asked her mother to train her bottom respectfully with a low bow.
  • Handed Down Instrument
    Shizuku was being punished because she was playing with her mother’s wardrobe and messed the room. She pulled Kimonos out of bottom of wardrobe and tried one on when her mother came into the room. On her knee, looking the old Kimono for the first time in decades, perhaps mother recalled her girlhood and began to talk to her daughter about her own mother’s spankingt. “Don’t cry by such a soft handspanking” “I also had gotten severe spanking by your gradmother with that hard bamboo ruler.” That’s how the mother’s beautiful floral Kimono of her young days handed down with the aging bamboo ruler to discipline a maiden from grandmother to mother.
  • Spanked On The Veranda
    The Daughter dressed up in beautiful Kimono for the festival found creeping out of the house by her mother coming back from shopping. And the poor girl taken to the veranda right away and her nice dress was rolled up to get punished without mercy. In fact, the daughter was grounded for weeks because of her past badness. Her mother purposely chose veranda to punish her. Neighbors may see Sizuku getting spanked and cry. She thought that humiliation would teach someone a good lesson. Then, the severest punishment the daughter had ever had began.
  • Discipline Lesson by Mrs.Kanda
    Mrs.Kanda gives a tutorial on her methods of discipline for girls throughout the ages. At the start, she talks about giving a classic OTK spanking through the example of the real young bottom.
  • Bend Over In Japanese Room
    The next lesson is focused on how to train girls to be more obedient. More preparation and obedience would be required to the young lady who needs a punishment to assume the bend-over position and expose bottom by herself despite the previous over the knee style spanking. Mothers kindly train your doughters who couldn’t do that immediately first because of her sense of shame or rebellious spirit with patience and repeated spanking.
  • Retrain With Cane
    “You can’t respectfully bow your greetings?” The middle-aged lady continued “I think you haven’t had home discipline, have you?” The young girl in sailor suit defiantly holded herself stiffly and glowered at her aunt. Fuka was placed in the custody of her distantly-related aunt after she lost her parents and she was about to fell victim to the severe caning by her aunt. “Listen, girl! You should learn two thins if you hope to be here” The aunt cruelly kept on engraving her lesson onto her niece’s young buttocks with the red welts by her cane. “Reply me “Yes, ma’am” first, and second, you always have to expose your bottom immediately when I ordered.” Fuka’s days of discipline had just begun.
  • Days Of Discipline
    Aunt Tsubaki carried out her stepdaughter’s training as she told on the first day she gave spanking and caning to her. That was the most humbling experience of the long-spoiled girl’s life but it was just the beginning of her days of painful reformation. Aunt Tsubaki firstly trained her to be amenable to discipline any time she ordered. It was too humiliating for an adolescent girl to expose her naked bottom and get spanked but she had no choice because her disobedience was rewarded by severe additional caning.
  • Result Of Discipline
    Obedience is humiliation and defeat for an adolescent step daughter. Fuka came back in the room and hesitantly lifted up her navy skirt and pulled her white panties down. And she had to bent over to wait for her aunt’s punishment. Obedience is a kind of resignation for her. She was forcibly reminded of that intolerable pain of the cane when the cold air stroked her naked bottom. She had no choice but to obey her aunt to reduce the welts on her bnottom if only a little. A few minutes later, her aunt came into the room with a cane. She looked satisfied with her result of assiduous discipline.

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