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Rick Savage Rick Savage review.
Extreme bondage, all the time. Hog-tied S&M virgins! Pussy & nipple torment! Bathroom bondage! Extreme pain & mind-blowing submission-at hands of Master Savage! Bondage Videos + Extreme Bondage Videos + torment, Hard Spanking Videos! Sample episode from Rick Savage: Beautiful busty blonde Shauna interviews for a job with Master Rick Savage. She doesnt need much experience , hell be happy to show her the ropes.
The evil master tests her obedience by commanding her to take off her panty hose and stuff them in her mouth. Rick plans to include plenty of abuse and humiliation in his new submissive employees job description. Shaunas painful interview is full of viscous doses of tit torture and pussy punishment!

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  • Woman on the Wild Side
    For a change of pace, Mistress Ava takes the dominant role in this clip, while a naked man is required to engage in foot worship, then locked into the stocks and spanked (despite his pleas for her to “Please stop!”)
  • The Human Experiment
    Clamps on her tits and — ow! mousetraps on her labes!
  • Hog tied
    Horny slave girls gets hogtied in her white panties
  • Audrey Gets Abused
    Come witness poor Audrey’s bondage audition! This hot little slut loves to be USED and ABUSED right in front of our very eyes! Audrey gets spanked, and her sweet little pussy gets tortured. Then, she gets tied to a rack! Unbelieveable….
  • Tit-Weights and Butt Pins
    Weights on her nipple clamps add to the apin in her tits, and pins inserted in her butt cheeks and excruciatingly painful.
  • Malpractice
    In a medical setting, Rick in a lab coat squeezes a woman’s big breasts, then whips them and slaps them
  • Asian-American Relations
    Rick’s fascination with breasts continues as he gets a young Asian beauty in his clutches and subjects her to his machinations while she is restrained
  • You’re Gonna Get It, Alice
    Alice misbehaved, and now she must be spanked with a ruler till her little schoolgirl buns flame red
  • Blondie’s Big Moment
    Rick squeezes the blonde’s tits and lightly spanks her ass, all to her utter enjoyment. She doesn’t even complain when he whips her cunny!
  • Gilded Opulence
    After paddling her butt, Rick whips her twat, then pinches her labes with two lines of clothespins, and finally applies a high-powered vibrator to her

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