Pure Smothering

Pure Smothering Pure Smothering review.
Smothering Videos, Facesitting, Ass Worship, Female Domination, Trampling, Foot and Ass Worship, FemDom, Smother Videos and Pictures. Watch hours and hours of hard, nasty smothering and facesitting! Sample episode from Pure Smothering: Julie Simone, looking just astonishing in red vinyl, caught her lunkhead roomie alix sniffing her sacred panties. She binds his hands and feet, then wraps the stout rope around his neck, around and around. The throat-wrapped cord is then affixed to a spiral staircase, forcing him to sit upright while the statuesque Julie grinds her ass against his face. “Can you breathe?” she asks. The answer is no! “C’mon, breathe!” she contemptuously orders as she pinches his nostrils shut and keeps his mouth firmly closed.

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  • Vinyl Princess
    Sexy Julie Simone ambushes her smothering victim
  • Sexy Raven
    Raven haired Ander looks great in her corset while smothering a bully
  • Smothering Cytherea
    Sexy little tart Cytherea uses her natural tits to smother her lazy boyfriend
  • Sexy Smother Doll
    Mistress Crush is down with heel worship and asphyxiation play
  • Sexy Kayla Smothers
    Soft plushy Kay settles her ass down on her boyfriends face
  • Bad Judgement
    Nicole plays a very sexy referee giving the sexiest and deadliest yellow card ever
  • Lazy Day smothering
    Jacklyn and Miles hang out and she cant help smothering him because shes a bitch
  • Old School Smothering
    Throwback video featuring awesome babes smothering a dude trapped in a chair
  • Queen Layla Smothers
    Sexy Layla Jade humiliates and suffocates this slob in her bountiful bosom
  • Smothering we can Believe in
    These bitches signal change and hope for smothering in America

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