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Belting Videos Belting Videos review.
Welcome to the most harsh discipline on the Net! Whatch these girls get their panties pulled down and spanked hard with belts. Girls get belted hard until their asses turn red. 100% pure belting videos. Sample episode from Belting Videos: Lilian the resident administrator for the dorm was making her usual rounds on the campus. As she walked by Hayden’s room, she got a whiff of a very distinct smell that is close to that of burned oregano. Without knocking, Hayden opened the door and found Hayden puffing on a very fat blunt. Hayden knew that if she was reported, she would be expelled from school. In order to save herself from losing out on her education, she begged Lilian to spank her instead, and swore that she would never smoke anything ever again. Lilian’s has always been a closet fan of S&M so she agreed. She pulled off her belt and took off Hayden’s pants and belted her the blood vessels could be seen on her ass!

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