Preggo Bangers

Preggo Bangers Preggo Bangers review.
Pregnant women are at their sexual peak. Hopped up on hormones and glowing with an aura or fertility, each of these lovely lactating ladies has sexual urges she desperately needs to satisfy. Are you ready to take on today’s most beautiful Babes and help them reach new orgasmic heights before their next appointment with their obstetrician? PreggoBangers is a place where you can find hot babes that are knocked up and ready to fuck. Just because they are pregnant does not mean they have to wait another nine months for cock! Pregnant women get all sorts of cravings, but nothing excites them more than their cravings for big cock!

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    This beautiful blonde has been in porn before, but now she looks even better and sexy now that she’s pregnant! Alyssa West is so insatiable at 8 months into her pregnancy, so she desperately needs to be given a hard fucking. She takes off her clothes and shows off her big, round belly, as well as those huge, milky tits! She rubs her pussy while she sucks on a big black dick, and then gets a white one to lick as well. She then spreads her baby tunnel and gets it filled up with cock while still sucking the other, getting tag teamed from all angles much to her delight. She gets tons of cock milk to feast on from them.
    Busty blonde Ciera Sage finds herself heavily pregnant. Her hormones are running wild and she absolutely craves cock! She wants any dick that she can get, the bigger, the better! Just then she hears the rubbish truck driving down the street, so she hails it over and invites the black rubbish man inside. Pulling down his jogging pants, she takes his smelly black prick in her mouth and eagerly sucks. This black guy is in for the ride of his life, as Ciera pushes him back onto the bed and grinds her cunt up and down on his ebony shaft. Her husband would be horrified if he knew that his pregnant wife was giving it up to a black man!
    Cherish Marie is very pregnant, and very horny – in fact she has never been more horny in her life. John and his buddy Alex come over to have some fun with this short haired pregnant punk. She ends up taking a big black dick deep in her pussy, pounding away as she oils down her belly. The white cock works its way down her throat, and her engorged tits are bouncing harder and harder by the second. By the end of the scene, she has been satisfied ten times over, and covered in cum. Now that’s hot!
    As she hugs her sexy, pregnant body, Brooklyn Night shares how horny she is now that she’s 6 months pregnant. That’s good, because she’s going to get two guys who would love to please her pregnant body! Her boobs are nice and full too, and she grabs a hold of their dicks as soon as they walk in. She licks and sucks their cocks while looking into the camera, then she’s bent over and has her pussy filled-up. She takes turns fucking both of them with her mouth and snatch, riding their peckers and getting rammed deep before taking both of their hot jizz loads all over her face and tits.
    Cali Marie is quite a bit along in her pregnancy, and she’s decided that it’s high time to get her pussy on some dark meat. She might not have experienced black cock before this, but now she has her big dick black friend who is all about fucking preggo chicks. She loves to show off her belly, her enlarged tits, and that sweet ass of hers. There’s no craving or complaining from this pregnant girl – all she wants to do is suck some black dick and have a good time. She certainly seems to be enjoying the hell out of the process.
    Gorgeous redhead Judit might be pregnant but that doesn’t stop her from having a horny pussy that needs to be satisfied! One day her lust overcomes her and she gets completely naked, showing off a curvaceous pregnant body with huge milky tits and gorgeous olive skin. She starts to masturbate with a dildo, but part way through her self pleasuring session she is rudely interrupted by her husband. He is immediately aroused at the sight of his wife masturbating, sticking his cock into her mouth and then banging her senseless in doggystyle. He better be careful or else he’s going to hit the baby’s head with that enormous erection of his!
    Even though she’s sexy as hell just laying there all pregnant, this video gets way hotter soon enough, once Megann is given the proper awakening. John starts off by rubbing her belly and her big, milky boobs before moving her panties to the side and licking her until she wakes up. Now she’s ready for anything and everything! He coats her gorgeous pregnant body with oil, and then buries his face between her legs again before she opens her mouth for his dick. She spreads her legs for him and takes it all the way inside her snatch. Her soft moans becoming damn near screams as she takes him all over the couch and makes him shoot his sperm.
    Timea is a sexy brunette who is happily married and heavily pregnant. Although normally she is a demure and honest woman, lately she has been finding herself attracted to every man that she passes on the street! One day she is in the office at lunch time when she thinks everyone has gone out, so she takes the opportunity to give herself a quick fucking with a dildo. She is understandably surprised when good-looking stud David bursts in on her, catching the busty babe in the middle of her solo masturbation session! Rather than being horrified, David is aroused, feeding the pregnant slut his penis and then fucking the shit out of her.
    Finding herself pregnant and alone, Angel has resorted to whoring out her pregnant pussy for a few extra bucks. She meets perverted stud Burke on an Internet dating site, giving him her address and inviting him over for a date. Burke sits back while the scantily clad pregnant hottie strokes his inner thigh, reaching into his pants to pull out his prick and start sucking it. She is almost ready to drop, so she’s not particularly athletic in this pregnant fuck, and Burke slides in behind and does her savagely from the rear. This guy is merciless – despite the fact that she is nine months pregnant, he is determined to get his money’s worth!
    Voluptuous redhead Sunshine is pregnant and in desperate need of money. Her deadbeat boyfriend has run out on her, leaving her with a burden that’s about to drop. Lucky for her, the ever accommodating pornography industry is ready to step in with extra funds whenever she needs it. All she’s got to do is suck a little cock and get fucked for her money! She does this with aplomb, since her hormones are also going crazy and driving her to ever more adventurous sexual escapades. She shows off her pro blow job skills and then gets fucked from several angles, including a fantastic doggy-style fuck where you can see her boobs jiggling.

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