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Male Spanking Movies Male Spanking Movies review.
Guys get spanked, paddled and punished by females. Sample episode from Male Spanking Movies: Chad came into work to find his boss sitting at his desk. She recently found out he has been surfing the net instead of working and she was really, really pissed off. She told him she was going to have to fire him, but he begged for his job. She pulled out a strapon and told him he had one last opportunity to prove he was loyal to his job. She told him to bend over. He was a little hesitant but wanted to keep his job so he agreed to take it in the ass!

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  • Cheated on his girlfriend
    Eric gets called into his boss’s office because he recently lost a large account with his company. His boss was very pissed off and was planning on firing him, but he begged and pleaded for his job. She decided to give him one more chance but she needed to teach him a lesson. She bent him over the couch and gave him a very hard spanking and paddling. She then pulled down his underwear, took out a vibrator and inserted it deep into his ass!
  • Jason got caught hitting his sister
    Jamie and Michael bought an apartment and moved in together. Jamie was paying most of the bills, but she told Michael it was time for him to go out and get a job. When she came home from work, she asked if he found a job. He said that he just stayed home and played video games. She got fed up with his lazy ways and decides it’s time for punishment. Watch as Michael gets an extremely hard paddling and bare bottom spanking!
  • Charles stole money out of his girlfriends purse
    Jason had a huge project to work on for his boss, but instead of working decided to download porn. While his boss was checking up on his progress she came upon the porn and was really pissed off. She was going to fire him, but he was the only one who could finish the project on time. Instead, she decides to give him a very humiliating punishment!
  • David cheated on his girlfriend
    Jeremy hired a fellow college student to help with tutoring History. She gave him some assigments to work on before his next lesson. When he returned the following week, he was not prepared and the tutor was extremely pissed off. She pulled out a paddle and told him to “assume the position; if you do not know the answers you are going to pay!” She quizzed him on the work, and he was clueless. She then punished him with an extremely hard spanking and paddling!
  • Matt never paid his rent so his girlfriend spanked him
    Sammy signed up for an anal insertion class at his school. Little did he know, he was the one the anal insertions were going to be demonstrated on. When the teacher volunteered him for the first insertion. He refused but was told that if he did not receive an insertion he could not pass. To make matters worse, the insertion was extremely thick and long…and very uncomfortable!

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