Brutal Punishment

Brutal Punishment Brutal Punishment review.
Here you can obtain insight into our extreme erotic consciousness, where our wildest dreams and fantasies become reality. Sample episode 1: Mac trusses Amy and whips and straps her. The sweet, young victim of all this torture cries out in vain in the solitude of the woods, where no one can hear her or help her. So the torture goes on…and on…and on. Mac is ruthless, relentless, and strong enough to really leave some welts!
Sample episode 2: Angie has an encounter with Jon that is hardly pleasant…at least, for Angie. Jon gets his jollies whipping the chained-up captive till she cries out for mercy…but there is no mercy forthcoming. CRACK! CRACK! Again and again the whip falls on every part of Angie, while her screams of pain only incite Jon to whip her harder.

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