Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse GuysGirls Abuse Guys review. What if women were the dominant sex and treated men as objects for the amusement and satisfactionof the girls? Enter the world of Girls Abuse Guys where the women are in control. Make sure you don’t do anything to upset these girls or they will strip you, humiliate you and even bend you over and take a strap-on to your ass! The girls are in charge and if they want to fuck your asshole you are going to have to take it. They won’t be asking you – these girls hunt in groups and will forcibly strip and fuck you, whether you want it or not guys!

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  • Burglar
    Daria has gone round to see her friend Alexa for a drink and to catch up.
  • Sales Manager
    Sales Manager Ellen comes in to check how her staff are doing and is very pleased with Linda’s work.
  • Psychoanalyzed
    Candy is worried about her boyfriend who sleep walks in the middle of the night, so she takes him to see psychoanalyst Lea.
  • Strip Club
    Ivan is drinking in a strip club when he is approached by the beautiful Anita.
  • Porn Modelling Agency
    Natalie and Olivia run an adult modelling agency and spend their time interviewing new girls who want to get into the industry
  • Need A Loan
    Daniel goes to see his bank manager because he needs a loan for a new business selling sex toys.
  • New Barman
    Chantal and Julie are interviewing for a new bartender at their club.
  • Captive
    Vanessa and Natasha have captured master criminal Igor, who has special powers.
  • Real Estate Agent
    Real Estate Agent Katie is showing Renata and her husband round a new apartment.
  • Heaven
    Peter is having a sauna when his arch enemy blocks the door so he can’t get out and as te heat builds, Peter soon dies.
  • Fire Emergency Call
    Daria and Alexa are manning the fire station on a hot summer’s day.
  • Porn Video Addict
    Natalie is working in the DVD store when Victor walks in.
  • POW
    Martin has been captured as a Prisoner Of War.
  • Drunk Husband
    Simone has cooked dinner for her husband but he is hours late.

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