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Cash For Sex TapeCash For Sex Tape review. SEX, CAM & SPERM = Easy Money = Only at Cash For Sex Tape. We pay couples for photo and video evidence of their every day life. They just live their lives with cam shooting it all from teeth brushing to wild dripping. Check it out! We suspect that all people no matter what they reply when you ask them the question: “do you want to be a pornstar?” deep inside their heart really would like to take the chance. That’s why we offer this lucrative payment of $2,000 to every couple who send a 7-hour video featuring their everyday life and, of course, their passionate and wild sex! They claim they need extra cash but in reality… Yeah, you caught it right: they just would like others to see what’s going behind the closed doors of their houses. You’ll see them cooking and cleaning around, you’ll see them taking a shower and going out and you’ll see what real non-professional blowjobs and pussy pumping scenes look like!

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  1. we wanna sell our own sex tapes. We have a lot. Interested6

  2. how do i send my video to you?

  3. We want to make a tape. Please let me know how i can sent you the tape. We also need all the info on doing so.

  4. My girlfriend and I are wanting to get into making home made porn how do we go ab doing this. She was against it now all for it she it very sexy and would attract a lot of attention

  5. 403 forbidden is what I get when I try to go to your site. Any suggestions cause I want to submit a tape also. Thanks

  6. I have some videos of my girlfriend playing solo and I was wondering if you guys would be interested in them ?