Punished Angels

Punished Angels reviewPunished Angels review. About Punished Angels: We specialize in girl-spanks-girl spanking erotica. Why the girl/girl specialization? That’s another long story, but to cut to the chase, there were already several M/F companies out there and I’d been working for a company that produced girl/girl bondage erotica. When it came time to break away from that company and start my own with my own favorite fetish, it seemed most natural to continue to work with the girl/girl formula. I was very comfortable with it and my husband actually preferred it when it came down to holding the camera and watching the proceedings on the set. Now, we’ve found that many of you prefer it, too, and so it’s become our market niche. We’ve worked over the years to perfect exactly how we produce our movies. We’re constantly thinking, talking, changing, perfecting in order to get it just right! I hope you enjoy our efforts, since we LOVE our work and want to continue doing it for as long as possible.

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