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Jays POV reviewJays POV review.
Hello everyone. I’m Jay and I love tomeet chicks online and bang them out on camera. When i’m not banging chicks of myspace i’m playing music with a few rock bands. Not everyone can be a rockstar and bang a lot of chicks so i made this site for you guys to jerk too. I may a little cocky but hey maybe why i’m so good at this. Join now and watch me as I travel around meeting chicks online and banging them on camera.

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  • Cassie is one of the hotttest girls I have done a scene with. She was already a nude model when I found her on myspace, and porn was something she had been wanting to try. When I picked her up I had to make sure she was 18 she looked really young to me. She told me the when she saw Paris Hilton fucking on camera it made her want to do porn too. Its amazing how young sluts look up to her, thank you Paris for creating a generation of young sluts that look up to you.
  • Jacqueline is a hot young blonde girl that seems really innocent when you meet her but you can sense a curiousity in her. She is the type of girl that will suprise you though, she will try anything. After the shoot she even begged me to send her a disc of her pics and video. This girls wants to do more porn and she isn’t ashamed of loving sex. I believe she is even sending her friends to this site. This girl is definitely proud to be slutty. My life doesn’t suck!
  • Maria was a girl I met once again while chatting it up on MySpace and this time I had my work cut out for me. This girl wasn’t really a slut, until she met me. We met up the first time and it took me all night just to get in her pants. We finally fucked after hours of making out but I didn’t get to tape it. It was only after we talked another week before I told her I wanted to make a video of her and she agreed. I was suprised she was down she had never even given a blow job before. I made sure she was trained to be a pure slut before I was done with her. But then again I want to fuck her again maybe I will get to shoot her again one day.

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