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Elite Spanking reviewElite Spanking review.
Spanking videos, slapping, whipping, swollen asses, pain & pleasure! Join now and get access to 20+ exclusive sites. The world’s premium fetish video network. Sample episodes from Elite Spanking: Hana was now under a strict regiment of supervision and random caning.
She had upset the school teacher enough that after a study session, or even on a whim, he will commence to cane her, even if there are marks from a previous punishment, that took place literally minutes ago. Perhaps now she will end her streak of insubordination.

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  • Nikki was back in class, and had to go to class the day before. The headmaster remembered her past infractures, and felt that she was headed towards a downward slope. This is when she was taken to the instruction room. She knew what was going to occur but followed without issue. She knew she was going to receive a brutal beating, but had no choice but to accept her fate, knowing it was she that had caused it. She was then bent over and given a stiff paddling.
  • Angela was sleeping quite blissfully, when the headmistress of the school came barging in, unhappy with Angela’s appearance at school that day. She then had her pulled out of bed, and forced to bend over ready to take a harsh paddling, making her bottom, redder and rawer with each strike. Finally when the headmistress had her fill, she was to go back to bed, and make sure she would never repeat this act.

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