Mighty Mistress

Mighty Mistress reviewMighty Mistress review. Network updated 5+ times every day. High-definition BDSM sex movies inside. Sexy slaves in the hardest punishment you have ever seen. Sample episodes: 1. Valerie is always lively, snappy and spirited… except for when struggling in Domina Dora’s grip! The Domina has a new tool to teach the cowering redhead: a special foot-stool is turned into the utmost disciplining tool. The girl is strapped into an uncomfortable position – and this is just the beginning of her tortures! 2. Sabrina is ready to subject herself to Mistress Mandy’s pinishment for the first time. This is the very first occassion she is beaten and punished – and she enjoys every minute. She wants even more and more, she tries to remember every beat and movement, to learn everything!

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