Clara G

Clara G reviewClara G review.
About: “If you are looking for FAKE ORGASMS or girls with banana’s licking whip cream from their fingers in slow motion or taking a shower for 23 minutes while “masturbating” in quiet mode… THEN THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU!!! But if you believe in pussy and hardcore sex with no limits then come closer…I’m always here for you…Clara.” Sample episode description: Savannah Stern could be the dark side of Clara G because sexually we both have the same insatiable appetite for hardcore sex. For instance, I like slapping…she likes slapping, I like hard spanking…she likes even harder spanking, I like choking…she likes choking (she even takes a long ass dildo halfway down her throat) and I just love to fuck the living shit out of my juicy cunt, and guess what guys, she likes that shit too. Savannah Stern my long lost hole mate.

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