My Slave Life

My Slave Life ReviewMy Slave Life sex review.

You like facesitting, worshipping and femdomination? so you find a right place! our young and beautyful mistresses will made you crazy because great pleasure! no more words since this time-slave must shut up! prepare for full cruel domination and be ready to get unreal pleasure! You’ll find REAL LIFE femdom action you won’t see anywhere else! What are you waiting for? Come on in and enjoy the power of young women! My Slave Life ( sample episode description ) : To tell the truth I never think that my slave deserves good treatment and I willingly prove that to him day by day humiliating and kicking him really hard! I always try to use various ways of humiliation and this time I brought my victim to the desolate road where nobody could see me throwing him on the ground and taking my panties aside to saddle that soft and dirty ass of mine on his squealing face and enjoy his unclear moaning and begging for fresh air as my chocolate hole left him no possibility to breathe!

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